We at Oak Glen United Reformed Church are deeply grieved for and our hearts go out to the victim, the family and loved ones affected by the recent heinous crimes of violence. In Jesus Christ, we pray to our Heavenly Father for her healing and recovery from the terrible injuries inflicted upon her. We desire and intend to reach out to her with expressions of support and care.

The man charged with these crimes is a former prisoner who, after several years of Christian discipleship and education while incarcerated, was paroled by the State of Illinois, joined our fellowship, confessed faith in Jesus Christ, and received from us benevolent assistance and pastoral care as he transitioned from prison to civilian life.

We are greatly saddened that he has been charged with actions that represent a shocking betrayal of our expressions of Christian mercy and acceptance. We pray that appropriate justice is done in this case.

Finally, we testify that Jesus Christ, who heals the afflicted and welcomes sinners, is the only remedy for man’s wickedness. We also look to him as the one who provides ultimate justice, true peace, reconciliation with God and man, and who alone can heal all wounds.

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all.”
II Thessalonians 3:16

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